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To get the most out of your Bio Links account, we invite you to learn from our Help Center on-site video tutorials.

How do I set up my Bio Links?

🔗 1 - How to Create a new project?

The first step is to create a new project, then you can create and use other features of Bio Links Web. Like: URL shortener, Create page, etc.

🔗 2 - How to Create Short Links?

Short Links give you the ability to shorten, track, and share your affiliate links with more advanced tracking metrics and protect your affiliate ID. 

🔗 3 - How to create a page?

It creates a page and its short link on which you can add your content. like: Title, Text, Images, videos, Email, Phone Number, Google Analytics ID, Facebook Pixel, SEO, Social media links and you can also do styling like: Changing font, colors, background.

You can protect your page with a Password.  

🔗 4 - How to add a URL to a page?

You can add your own links to the pages, a button will be created with your link embedded.

You can change its color and font.

🔗 5 - How to add Text, Images, and Videos?

Bio Links allows you to add Text, Images, and videos to your pages.

You have to paste the URL of videos of given platforms to insert them.

🔗 6 - How to do Settings of a page?

In Bio Links settings you can add Title, Analytics, SEO, Socials, Protection, and Stylings on pages.

Last updated on: 28 June, 2021